Prepared for publication by Tuğçe Selin Tağmat and Zeynep Çiğdem Uysal, March 2010, CAT Publications, Ankara; Turkish (73 pages)  / English (74 pages).

The Chamber of Architects of Turkey (CAT) handed the FABSR Term Presidency undertaken since 21 February 2008, to Order of Architects of Romania (OAR) in the official meeting of the Forum that was hosted in Trabzon on 16 May 2009. These two books published in Turkish and English contains the presentations and evaluations included in the panel themed "Continuity and Change in the Black Sea", which was held in parallel to the official meeting of the Forum. The panel program starts with the thematic presentation of Prof.Dr. Rusen Keles. In the first session titled "Tourism and Architecture" that was chaired by The Chamber of Architects Executive Board Member Cengiz Bektas, the presentations of Igor Mazurok from Russia, Sergei Tselovalnik from Ukraine and Asst. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Resat Sümerkan from Turkey are taking place. In the second session titled "Culture and Identity” that was chaired by UIA Vice-President Lisa Siola, the presentations of Alexandru Beldiman from Romania, Todor Boulev from Bulgaria Vladimer Vardosanidze from Georgia and the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of Black Sea Technical University Ayse Sağsöz are taking place. The FABSR Trabzon Declaration included at the end of the book is making emphasis on the exploitation of the region's cultural heritage, the conservation of the cultural heritage within an armed conflict and the organization of regional tourism activities under a common law towards the development of sustainable tourism.


Prepared for publication by Tuğçe Selin Tağmat, May 2009, CAT Publications, İstanbul; English, 52 pages.

The Chamber of Architects of Turkey (CAT) hosted the FABSR Working Meeting in Istanbul- on 21 February 2008. The working meeting of FABSR Presidents in the morning was followed by the Panel “Black Sea: Our Common Living Environment – Challenges and Opportunities”. This book includes the panel proceedings.

The first session “Cultural Heritage and Identity” was chaired by Aydan Erim. In this session, Deniz Incedayi from Turkey presented a theoretical approach towards changing attitudes in the protection of cultural heritage; Marina Tumanishvili from Georgia presented examples from Georgia about the conservation of the cultural heritage both at building and urban scales; Predrag Gavrilovic from the BSEC Secretariat talked about possible collaborations in the future between FABSR and BSEC.

The second session “City and Environment” chaired by Georgi Stoilov. In this session, Rusen Keles from Turkey presented his ideas about common heritage of the humanity related with the issues of environmental security, common responsibility and sustainable development from the perspective of a political scientist; Bayram Ozturk from Turkey talked about the water pollution in the Black Sea with his approach as a fisheries professor; Yury Gnedovsky from Russia explained his worries about the failure of the Sochi Olympic Development to fulfill environmental sensitivities; Revaz Avalishvili gave an example of coastal development in Georgia.

The book also includes the Istanbul Declaration, which was adopted by FABSR representatives during the FABSR working meeting.